Repeat Dispensing

Depending on your medication, your prescription may be suitable for repeat dispensing. Repeat dispensing means that a local chemist holds a batch of maybe 6 or 12 of your future prescriptions and dispenses them when they become due. Ask a doctor or nurse practitioner about this service.

Ask our receptionists about internet prescribing. Even controlled drugs can now go to your chosen pharmacist through the Electronic Prescription Service (EPS).

If you are taking medication long term, the doctor will want to see you from time to time to review your progress.

If you take the Contraceptive Pill, you must have your blood pressure checked by a nurse once a year unless you are advised otherwise.

If you are having Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) you should have your blood pressure checked once a year. A nurse will do this for you.

If you no longer use your medication, or it becomes out of date, please return it to a local pharmacy so that it can be disposed of safely.