Breast Screening

The Breast Screening Hub helpline remains open for women who have queries. You can telephone them on 0800 1 692 692. (Alternate number 020 3758 2024).

Patients can be directed to the London Breast Screening Website where further information is available. Please visit

A series of changes are being implemented to increase capacity over and above the capacity available before the pandemic. Women are being invited for screening, but some women may have experienced delay or be anxious about attending.

  • Infection control measures are in place.
  • Open invites – The invitation process is gradually changing from the direct appointments (specific date and time) to ‘open’ invitations which means asking women to telephone to make an appointment. A centralised number will be provided in the invite letter.
  • Pausing Self-referrals for >71 years age group – Whilst we are trying to restore a service that is safe, we will focus on the clients aged 50 to 70 included in the above-mentioned groups. Patients over 71 will not be able to be book their mammogram directly with the screening service.
  • Stopping recruitment for the Age Extension Trial – No invitations will be sent for patients aged 47-49 and 71-73. (Note there are some invitations already in the system. These will be honoured).

Women at high risk due to family history have continued to be invited. ‘Did not attend’ rates were high. Patients should attend wherever possible.

All women should seek advice from their GP if they notice any breast changes that are not normal for them.