Cheam Family practice offers various types of appointments in an attempt to maximise patient access and choice:

Guide to our Appointment Booking System

Due to a high demand for appointments, we operate a variety of appointments to provide as greater choice to patients as possible‘. Appointments are available:

  • Up to 6 weeks in advance, at reception or online. (Please contact reception for secure login details).
    Please be aware that the practice cannot be responsible when booking appointments for appointments booked into inappropriate clinics. Some services and procedures, travel, childhood vaccinations etc  require specific training and are only available at set times, and from certain GP’s or Nurses. If in doubt please contact reception on your usual number.
  • To book ‘on the day’ through reception for patients who need to be seen as soon as possible. Contact the surgery as near to 8.00am as possible.
  • If all our appointments have gone for the day, you will be advised if we are running a come and wait ‘one urgent problem clinic’.

Routine Appointments

If you would like to see a doctor in a non-urgent capacity, we advise that you ‘pre-book’ your appointment well before required. You may book these appointments any time up to 28 days in advance. Due to demand early booking is advisable.

Text messaging

If you would like to receive appointment reminders and other important information on your mobile phone please make sure that we have your correct number.

Nurse Practitioner Appointments

A nurse practitioner is a nurse who is qualified to examine, diagnose and manage patients illnesses.

They are able to consult and write prescriptions or referrals for you in the same way as a GP, yet they also have all the practical skills of their nurse training.

If you need a doctor’s consultation you could see the nurse practitioner.

We have a superb nurse practitioner: Sandra Swinfield at Gander Green Lane.

Our nurse practitioner works closely with a partner as their mentor and guide so they continue to update their skills. They are a huge asset to our team, as you will discover when you meet them, and greatly ease the workload of the doctors
book on the day/urgent appointments

If you need to consult with your doctor urgently for something that cannot wait until the next advanced booking appointment, you may request an appointment on the same day. You may see your own doctor, or if he/she is not available you may see another doctor or nurse practitioner.

One Urgent Problem Clinic

The clinic may be available when all the appointments have gone; this is for one urgent problem only that cannot wait for an appointment the following day.

A preferred GP or nurse practitioner is not available at this clinic. You will only be seen for one problem.

Appointments with a Specific GP

You are able to request an appointment with a particular GP of your choice. If this request is in a non-urgent capacity, we advise that you pre-book your appointment as detailed above. If the request is urgent, you may ask for an appointment on the day but please be aware that if that particular GP is unavailable or fully booked, you will be offered an appointment with the next available doctor, or nurse practitioner).

Telephone Appointments

You may request the GP or nurse practitioner to phone you if you feel that your problem can be dealt with over the phone.

Nurse Appointments

We strongly advise that you book appointments with a nurse as early as possible as they tend to get booked quite quickly. Some appointments need to be booked in to fit in with your current treatment. For example; the contraceptive injection, smears, dressings etc.

To accommodate these types of appointments, we offer some pre – bookable slots with our nurses at the beginning of the morning and some afternoon surgeries.

Our nurse appointment times vary in length depending on the type of consultation. The receptionists need to have an idea what the appointment is for so that they can allocate the right amount of time for you.