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Our Allied Health Professionals

First Contact Practitioner (FCP)

A first contact practitioner (FCP) is an experienced physiotherapist who has the advanced skills necessary to assess, diagnose and recommend appropriate treatment or referral for musculoskeletal (MSK) problems on a patient’s first contact with healthcare services.

Patients with MSK complaints can be booked in to see an FCP by a GP receptionist. An FCP offers expert MSK assessment and diagnosis, however, is also integrated within the multi-disciplinary team in each GP practice. If appropriate, an FCP may prescribe a programme of exercises, refer for blood tests or X-ray, administer steroid injections, or refer a patient to an appropriate secondary health service e.g. rheumatology or orthopaedics.

District Nurses and Health Visitors

Are provided by the Sutton Commissioning Group and can be contacted on the following numbers: