Cheam Family Practice, Sutton, Surrey.


Laboratory Tests

We are able to send specimens to the laboratory at St Helier Hospital where they are tested and the results returned to the surgery.

Blood Tests

Your doctor may ask you to have a blood test. This is a simple, quick and painless procedure. Blood tests can be done at the pathology lab at one of the local hospitals. No appointment is needed. Opening times are shown on the blood test form, which you must take with you to the hospital. Alternatively you can have your blood test done at the surgery but you will need to book an appointment.

If your doctor suggests a 'fasting' blood test, then you should have nothing to eat and only water to drink for 14 hours before your test.

Urine and other Specimens

You should collect a sterile bottle from reception for your specimen. This should be clearly labelled with your name, date of birth and date of specimen. 

Place the bottle in the plastic bag at the back of the specimen form, which you will have been given. Hand it in to reception before noon on the day on which the specimen was taken.

Test Results

Results are sent from the laboratory to the surgery after a few days. Your doctor will check the result and leave a message for you in reception. Please ring in after 2.00pm to ask for your doctor's comment.

To protect your confidentiality, the results may only be given to you personally or to the parents of minors where appropriate.

Smear Results

St Helier Hospital has informed us that at present it may take about 8 weeks for smear results to come through to the surgery.