Cheam Family Practice, Sutton, Surrey.

Patient Participation Group

 If you have any suggestions for the Patient Participation Group please hand them into reception for the attention of the Practice Manager. Further information is also available on the website


Cheam Family Practice is looking for patients to sit on our Patient Participation Group.

The group is there to advise the Practice on patients’ views regarding the development of the Practice and allow the Practice to consider patients’ views when reviewing and expanding services.

By leaving your email details, we can contact you every now and again to ask you a question or two about the services that we offer.

If you are interested in being an email contact please complete the contact form and return to reception.

If you would like further information contact the Practice Manager on 020 8722 5758.

Patient Survey

Commissioning feedback

The Patient Participation Group is concerned about what the ‘person on the street’ is saying about local healthcare, what really matters to people as patients?  What do people want to see being provided in the community? What would they like to suggest to the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)?

Areas to focus on; hospital care, mental health services, and providing services outside the hospital environment and in the community. What could the CCG do more locally which is still high quality but involves less travel/need to go to a hospital? Where or how could the CCG provide services more locally e.g. at GP surgeries, at Clinics, the Jubilee Health Centre, through Pharmacies etc.? How could long term conditions be managed more successfully and how could health and social care services be better integrated?

Pharmacy feedback

1. How can the Clinical Commissioning Group use the services offered by community pharmacies better (either current or potential new services) to deliver our commissioning priorities to keep patients out of hospital, out of hours care, improve access to GPs, and promote self-care?

2. How do we raise awareness of the services that Community Pharmacies offer (high street and internet pharmacies)?

Patient Participation Group Report 2014-2015

Patient Participation Group Report 2011/2012

See our 2011/2012 Patient Report & Appendices.