Cheam Family Practice, Sutton, Surrey.

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Patient Charter

Our Practice Aims:
  • To give patients and staff the highest standard of service and care.
  • To work together with other agencies in order to look after the whole person. 
  • To have a say in NHS decision-making in order to improve the health care that our patients need as local structures allow.
  • To run our practice smoothly and efficiently.
Our Commitment to You:
  • We aim to provide a personal, friendly and confidential service to our patients. 
  • We will treat all patients equally with courtesy, dignity and respect. 
  • We will make every effort to ensure that you see your preferred GP as appointments allow.
  • We aim to keep patients informed of our services, their rights and any other information which directly affects health treatment. 
  • We operate a practice complaints procedure which is confidential and will be used to improve the quality and delivery of our service to you. 
  • We welcome and consider all feedback from patients on our services. 
We promise to try our very best for all our patients at all times.
    In Return we expect you to:
    • Treat all our staff with courtesy and respect at all times.
    • Be on time for appointments and recognise the need usually to rebook if you are late.
    • Be responsible for cancelling unneeded appointments - preferably with at least 24 hours’ notice, where possible.
    • Let us know if there are any changes to your personal information or health.
    • Let us know if you feel there are things that we can improve.

    Our staff have the right to be treated with respect. We do not expect and will not accept violent, abusive or intimidating language or behaviour.