Cheam Family Practice, Sutton, Surrey.

Information on Christian Prayer

If you would like to know more about Christian prayer, please speak to any member of the practice.

Some local churches are listed below. All of these would gladly include you in courses they run to help answer important questions about life and faith. You would also be very welcome at Sunday services.

Local Churches
Cheam Baptist Church 8642 5070
Cheam Methodist Church 8644 8715
Chiltern Church 8661 7042
North Cheam Baptist Church 8644 7360
St Andrew’s URC 8642 5000
St Dunstan’s, Cheam 8641 1284
St Paul’s Howell Hill 8224 9838
Sutton Baptist Church 8661 2743
Sutton Christian Centre 8642 8117
Stoneleigh Baptist Church 8393 3012
UnitedLife Church 8123 1439
The Vineyard Church 8239 8853